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    Kirsten Bode is a filmmaker based between Stockholm, Sweden and New York City. A promoter of the avant-garde, she reimagines the world through various mediums of cinema, photography, painting, and hair & makeup. Bode’s recent collaboration, “The Disappearance of Shere Hite” which made its 2023 World Premier at the Sundance Film Festival, featured her perspective of the vibrant true life characters as the film’s key portrait photographer. On her path into filmmaking, she took on apprenticeships with various celebrity photographers such as George Holz, Mark Mann, and Marianna Rothen.


    Growing up in a metal trailer in the high desert outside of Reno, Nevada, she found herself balancing her ambitions for artistic expression with the economic limitations of her pioneer era hometown. 


    Her entrepreneurial spirit began early. With little communal support for her art, she became a hair stylist at a downtown strip club, worked as a nanny at a daycare, and pushed herself through decades of art for hire into styling on film and photo sets; and eventually into the creation of her unique visions with the camera in her hands. The possibility of film, Bode believes, is to create an experience of illumination revealing and deepening our connection to the existential wonders of life.

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